Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we have offices in Sedgewick, Forestburg and Camrose that we use for counselling and mediation. Just let us know what is more convenient for you.

Yes, we currently use zoom for our virtual sessions and have worked with clients across Alberta as well as clients in other provinces.

We ask that clients pay for their session and then submit the receipt for the session to their benefit provider. You can also call them ahead to determine your coverage.

Counselling sessions are $120 per hour and mediation meetings are $150 per hour.

Because we are a private practice we only have a few subsidized spots per week at a discount rate for those who can’t afford to pay. Please ask about them if you think you might qualify.

Christian counselling is very similar to other types of counselling but allows for discussion of Biblical and spiritual themes. We take a respectful approach to Christian counselling and are still very much open to discussions of other faith systems and texts.

Similar to exercise and education, counselling is dependent on the skill of the counsellor, the relationship formed between the client and the counsellor and the readiness and amount of work the client is motivated to put in. If you are ready, we are ready.

We will send you an invoice for each session. We ask that you then pay the bill using e-transfer to my e-mail It is convenient and provides a record for both you and us. We find that it works well.