Sometimes it takes a breakdown
to make a breakthrough.


Anger management is one of the areas that I have worked on since the very beginning of my career. My experience includes working with client’s who decide that anger is...
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Christian Counselling is a hybrid approach which utilizes all the other theories and approaches, all within the Christian world view. As such, Christian values and ethics are the lens through...
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Relationships are a joy but can be challenging at the same time. Couple counselling gives spouses a chance to meet with a neutral third party and work through what is...
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Individual counselling is one of the most widely used modalities for many issues and problems. Issues that can be addressed in this mode include stress management, anger management, trauma, depression,...
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Mediation is a well accepted method and process for reaching effective separation agreements. Agreements will generally include such topics as child support, visitation schedules and division of assets
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Individual, Couples
and Group Counselling

No Short-cuts in Mediation

Mediation is a structured process with specific steps that must be done carefully and professionally. If someone tries to take a short cut, bad things can happen. I recently came across such a case in which a client used a mediator that was not careful and did not follow the process properly and precisely. The mistake that was made was in the signing of the document and meeting with the parties separately. The mediator seems to have let one of the parties modify the agreement and black sections out. This led to one of the parties being short changed and not receiving some of the money that they were entitled to. Even before this, there was a history of domestic violence, something which is a red flag for mediators. Mediation is not usually recommended where there is a history of domestic violence. The lesson, choose a mediator carefully, follow the process and expect the mediator to follow professional ethics. Mediation is effective and affordable, but there are no short cuts.